Advices for the writing

The following hints should help you with the writing of your thesis. It is recommanded to print this page. Exposé and formalities are obligatory.


It is important to proactively demand regular meetings by the students. This includes sending samples of the reading or points to be discussed in advance, at least 48 hours before the meeting with the supervisor.

The frequency of the meetings and other arrangements are agreed upon individually in advance between the supervisor and the students.
In addition, the date for the thesis defense should be arranged in time.

Useful links (mostly German)


An exposé is expected before the registration of the thesis. The exposé should present a content-related and organizational discussion of the final thesis. It should contain at least the following elements and be cited/formatted according to APA:

  • Introduction including problem definition and motivation (why is this work also exciting and important from a scientific point of view?)
  • Review of literature and theory
  • Research question incl. formulation of hypotheses
  • Methods and evaluation of the study (strategy, setting, sample, definition of variables including dependent and independent variables, available resources, preliminary considerations for statistical evaluation, structure and type of study material)
  • Schedule incl. time buffer
  • Bibliography

The exposé for a Bachelor thesis should be at least 4 pages. For a project or master thesis at least 10 pages are expected.


  • Citation according to APA or based on it like for example DGPs (also the exposé!)
  • Manuscript guidelines according to APA or based on it such as DGPs
  • Font type and size: Times New Roman, 12pt
  • Line spacing: 1.5x, justified
  • Margin left: 4 cm; margin right: 2cm; margin top: 2,5 cm; margin bottom: 2cm (for double-sided printouts, the left and right margins alternate)
  • Number of pages Bachelor thesis: between 30 and 50 pages
  • Number of pages Master thesis: between 50 and 80 pages
  • The number of pages is without title page, directories (if available: tables, list of images and bibliography) and appendix - the upper limit must not be exceeded.
  • Please use the following cover sheet for your final papers (Word format) Cover sheet for final papers (german version)
  • In addition, a signed declaration of independence must always be submitted: Declaration of independence (german version) Please insert and sign this declaration accordingly on the last page of the thesis.
  • Please hand in all data and also the thesis itself on CD at the end of the written work. Please glue the CD inside on the last page. In addition, it is recommended to send a PDF version of the final thesis by e-mail to the reviewers (usually Prof. Peters and Dr. Mazarakis).
  • An "informative abstract" is expected before the thesis defense, which will be attached to the invitation to the thesis defense. This abstract should not be longer than 60 words and may (but need not) be identical to the abstract of the written paper. The informative abstract must be submitted immediately after the date of the defense has been set. A short explanation can be found here:
  • Both the informative abstract and the actual work should be based on the IMRAD structure: