Joint project MeWiKo - Media and scientific communication

The project describes and quantifies the effect of external science communication on the impact of scientific publications. The project investigates the influence of external science communication, especially the distribution of scientific content via journalistic media (i.e. high-circulation national daily press) and social media (i.e. Twitter, blogs), on the citation rate and Altmetrics of publications. For this purpose, so-called embargo e-mails and press releases will be used as a database.

In this CAU subproject, one focus is on user-generated content and experiments. In concrete terms, the following research work will be carried out:
  • Analysis of occurrence and evaluation potential of different social media platforms for user-generated content.
  • Data collection of user-generated content for publications and other data.
  • Content analysis of user-generated content for publications and further statistical evaluation of the content analysis.
  • Preparation and execution of the experimental verification of the previous results, in close coordination with the other partners.
  • Pretesting or formative and summative evaluation to the previous results.
  • Evaluation of the prototype with support and implementation in evaluating the prototypes of the other partners.
  • Evaluation and synthesis of the project results and three annual project reports.

MeWiKo-CAU does not pursue any economic purpose, so that there is no direct economic exploitation. However, the results will be scientifically exploited. MeWiKo will evaluate the influences on the structural units of the scientific system and present them transparently. In addition, data sources that have not yet been established (i.e. Altmetrics and external science communication) for quantitative science research will be opened up, made usable and classified in the bibliometric method spectrum.

The results or interim results are to be presented at workshops, for example at the Human and Computer Conference (, at the OA Days ( or other appropriate conference and workshop series.
The results of MeWiKo-CAU are to be published, primarily in open access formats. In addition to the conferences and workshops mentioned above (which include peer review), journal publications, for example in the journal "Information - Wissenschaft und Praxis (IWP)" ( or ( are also planned.

Finally, a transfer to teaching should also take place. Due to the institutional connection of MeWiKo-CAU to the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel by the project manager, results will be partially treated in lectures or discussed in depth in seminars. This is to ensure that current research results are quickly accessible to the public.

Project partners

  • Prof. Dr. Isabella Peters, ZBW – Leibniz Information Center Economy (ZBW)
  • Dr. Meik Bittkowski, Science Media Center (SMC)
  • Dr. Athanasios Mazarakis, Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel (CAU)
  • Dr. Cornelius Puschmann, Hans-Bredow-Institute (HBI)
  • Dr. des. Christian Zinke, Competence Center Digital Service Systems, Institute for Applied Computer Science (IAI), University of Leipzig


Project duration

01.10.2018 - 30.09.2021


Funded by