Dr. Athanasios Mazarakis


Düsternbrooker Weg 120, R. B-224 (ZBW)
Phone: +49 431 8814-214
Telefax: +49 431 8814-520

Focus of interest

  • Social Media and Web 2.0 (especially user-generated content) 
  • Evaluation methods
  • Knowledge management
  • Incentive structures, motivation and incentives, especially feedback
  • Gamification
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Altmetrics 
  • Science 2.0 

Academic curriculum vitae

Kiel University (CAU)

WS 2014/2015 Project group (Head and lecturer): Evaluation methods in the Social Web

WS 2014/2015 Tutorial (Head and lecturer): Project management

SS 2014 Tutorial (Head and lecturer): Semantic Web and Linked Open Data

SS 2014 Seminar (Head and lecturer): Social Media and Web Science


Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

WS 2012/2013 Seminar (Head and lecturer): Learning and Participation for Smart Cities and Social Life

SS 2011 Seminar (Head and lecturer): Internet Psychology and Information Engineering

SS 2011 Seminar (Lecturer): Scientific Work

WS 2010/2011 Seminar (Head and lecturer): Information Engineering and Management

SS 2010 Seminar (Lecturer): Technology enhanced Learning

SS 2010 Seminar (Lecturer): Scientific Work

WS 2009/2010 Seminar (Lecturer): Information Engineering and Management

SS 2009 Seminar (Lecturer): Social Software Engineering

Co-supervised theses:

Incentives and Motivation for knowledge maturing and innovation (Diploma thesis Götz Bürkle)

Fair participation and incentives in wikis("Faire Beteiligung und Anreize in Wikis", Diploma thesis Michael Hoferer)

Feedback and Motivation - Implications of an online-quiz ("Feedback and Motivation - Implikationen aus einem Online-Quiz", Diploma thesis Claudiu Schora)

Using incentive mechanisms to enhance participation in the Web 2.0 ("Anreizmechanismen zur Steigerung der Partizipation im Web 2.0", Bachelor thesis Inra Kühn)

Scientific and goal-oriented compisition of a member survey ("Die wissenschaftliche und zielorientierte Gestaltung einer Mitarbeiterbefragung" Bachelthesis Leonid Vogel)

Gamification for E-Learning – Overview and concept ("Gamification für E-Learning – Übersicht und Konzeption", Bachelor thesis Sarah Richter)

Customer feedback as early warning system for performance indicators ("Kundenfeedback als Frühwarnsystem für Leistungskennzahlen", Master thesis Nicolas Huber)


09/2012 Research stay in San Francisco at the Wikimedia Foundation, funded by the Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS) 

10/2009 – 02/2010 participated in Doctoral School at Göteborg University about "Learning and transitions between education and working life" 

Work experience

since 01/2014

Postdoc at Kiel University;

Research Assistant at the German National Library of Economics (ZBW) in Kiel


01/2009 - 06/2013

Research Assistant at FZI Research Center for Information Technology Karlsruhe 

(Evaluation, statistic interpretation and execution of scientific studies)


03/2008 - 12/2008

Research Assistant at the chair of Psychology II at University of Mannheim

(assessor in examinations, CIP-Pool and user support)


06/2007 - 11/2007

Psychological internship as Online-Mediator at Juripax in Utrecht


05/2003 - 12/2006

Student Assistant at the chair of Psychology II at University of Mannheim

(CIP-Pool and user support Office and statistics)


Studies and PhD:

01/2009 - 02/2013

Promotion zum Dr. rer. pol. (magna cum laude)

at the Institute of Information systems and Marketing and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Topic: Feedback and Incentives for the usage of web 2.0 services („Feedback und Anreize für die Nutzung von Web 2.0 Diensten“)


10/2001 - 02/2008

Studies in Psychology at Mannheim University, Minor Business Studies (Final grade: 1,7)

Focus: Statistic Interpretations, evaluation, work- and organisation psychology, multimedia learning, cognitive psychology


Diploma thesis: Cognitive Load Theory and the split-attention effect: An empirical test of cognitive-psychological extensions ("Cognitive Load Theory und der split-attention effect: Ein empirischer Test kognitionspsychologischer Erweiterungen")

(Grade: 1,3)

Honour: Inclusion of diploma thesis in the series of papers „Mannheimer sozialwissenschaftliche Abschlussarbeiten“

Reviews for journals and conferences


  • Journal of Information Systems Education
  • it - Information Technology (ad hoc)
  • Webology (ad hoc)
  • Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (ad hoc)
  • Journal of Applied Research in Workspace E-learning (discontinued)



  • 10th International Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik, Zurich, 16-18 February 2011 - Track 1: IS in den Dienstleistungen (IS in Services)
  • 19th European Conference on Information systems (ECIS 2011), Helsinki, 9.-11. June 2011 - Track 2: Business Process Management and Track 10: Human Computer Interaction

Engagement in national and international events


  • Member of organizing committee for the second international workshop on "Motivational and Affective Aspects of Technology Enhanced Learning" at the European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning 2011 (EC-TEL 2011) in Palermo.
  • Member of organizing committee for the workshop on "Motivation und kulturelle Barrieren bei der Wissensteilung im Enterprise 2.0" (Motivation and cultural barriers for knowledge distribution in Enterprise 2.0) at the conference Mensch und Computer 2011 (M&C 2011) in Chemnitz.
  • Member of organizing committee for the workshop "Motivationale, soziale und kulturelle Aspekte im Wissensmanagement"(Motivational, social and cultural aspects in knowledge management) at the conference about Professional Knowledge Management 2011 (WM 2011) in Innsbruck.
  • Member of organizing committee for the workshop "Motivational and Affective Aspects of Technology Enhanced Learning and Web 2.0" at the European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning 2010 (EC-TEL 2010) in Barcelona.
  • Member of program committee for the workshop "Open Design Spaces" at the conference Mensch & Computer 2009 (M&C 2009) in Berlin.


Participation in the following projects:

Project name: MATURE

Statistic interpretation and presentation of representative empirical in-depth studies about knowledge maturing. Key task was to identify barriers in knowledge management. These activities were part of the EU project "MATURE" which consortium consisted of 12 partners in 5 countries. (Participation from 2009 until end of project in 2012)

Project name: GlobaliSE:

Examining the fields of application of semantic Wikis  in software engineering as part of the research project "GlobaliSE". (Participation from 2011 until end of project 2012)

Project name: PartSense

Evaluation of services for the acquisition and processing of location data of mobile devices (e.g. smartphones) as part of the "PartSense" project which was supported by grants of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. (Participation since 2012) 

Industry projects

Supported several companies (e.g. Daimler Ag and Bilfinger SE) in the optimization of knowledge management, e-learning and social media. Activities included requirement analysis through semi-structural interviews and advice for the introduction of knowledge management tools and gamification.